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     Print Glossary

Standard Print:

This the term we use for our lithograph print. All of our prints are printed on 120# acid free archival paper.† We have found that printing on the heavier paper makes the print very easy to handle and less vulnerable to damage or dimpling during the framing process.

Artist Proof or AP:

These are the prints that are pulled aside during a press run and checked for color accuracy and quality by the artist. It is generally accepted that the Artist Proofs are a 10% over run of an edition.† In other words, in an edition size of 750, there will be 75 signed and numbered proofs. They are signed as an artist proof and numbered differently from the regular edition.† They are printed on the same paper as the regular edition.† Upon release, the APís are considered more valuable since there are fewer and that is why they are priced accordingly.

Canvas Transfers:

The Canvas transfer process is a two step process.† It starts with printing a lithograph. The printed image is actually transferred to a stretched canvas by a process that floats the image from the original paper and applies it to a specially prepared canvas.† Our transfers are done on an archival canvas and are UV protected.† They arrive pre-stretched on stretcher bars and are ready for framing. They are easily cleaned and are framed as an oil painting and not a print under glass.


The Giclee process is totally different from transfers.† The image is printed directly onto the canvas and does not require a lithograph. Our giclees are printed on an archival canvas and are UV protected.† They are stretched onto stretcher bars and arrive ready for framing.† They too are easily cleaned.

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